The Network is the Computer

A storage infrastructure transformation is coming to the datacenter and it is more than the simple consolidation of storage companies we are currently seeing.  The datacenter will look nothing like it does today it will be gone and a new way of storing, moving, and computing data will be here. Scott McNeilly predicted that the “network is the computer” will finally arrive and have a seat at the table.  This means no more servers, no more storage as we know it today. As the large companies are consolidating there are many little armies of startups that are being backed by large unexpected forces that will create this disruption that is coming. Things are about to get very ugly and beautiful at the same time.  Choose your next infrastructure refresh wisely. This is not for the faint at heart.

Software to support this intelligence has already started in this transformation in the form of software defined storage (SDS) and software defined infrastructure (SDI).  This is forcing hardware designer to think a different way to support these new distributed infrastructures. The talk of traditional enterprise applications on monolithic hardware platforms are being transformed into modern applications that take advantage distributed architectures, such as container environments, supporting microservices, machine learning, data analytics, etc…

It’s not just the cloud service provider (CSP) currently going through this transformation but large enterprise companies in finance, oil and gas, life sciences, healthcare, retail, and others surprisingly have started too.=

This blog will address what my friends and I see in the industry from new science to support a new way of thinking to new software concepts for the next generation datacenter as this transformation unfolds in various ways.  Stay tuned…..

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