Leah + Performance + Optimization = Love

Performance and efficiency are part of my nature. I am always thinking five steps ahead, figuring out the fastest and most optimal way of doing anything. For people to understand me and get on the same page with me I have to bring them along through my thought process. Otherwise folks look at me like I am crazy or don’t understand the results. I invite you to join me on my journey.

From Intel to Turbonomic

After leaving Intel and taking six much needed months off I chose to go to Turbonomic for two reasons:

  1. The technology – They had created an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to do much of the work that someone like me, a performance engineer, would do to optimize hybrid cloud infrastructures. Every datacenter should have some kind of AI optimizing their infrastructure, and Turbonomic is still the most comprehensive product out there.  
  2. Technical Account Manager – I have been in engineering and the CTO office most of my career. I never had the opportunity on the Services side to dig into the nitty gritty of deploying and operationalizing new technology. This was my opportunity to see how the other half lives. I was extremely fortunate to meet and work with some very bright minds.

I loved my job but realized I didn’t love it as a career.  Because of my customer’s need I dove into the architecture side as well as developing new applications. I basically went back to my roots. How could I stay involved in new technology but also remain engaged with customers and the public in a meaningful way? I found my answer, and that is why I went to Rubrik.

Why I chose Rubrik

Early this Spring I was invited to be part of an influencer day. I checked out the latest technology that Rubrik was developing and was surprised to learn that it was much more than backup. It turns out that Rubrik was creating enterprise data protection and cloud data management for hybrid cloud infrastructure. They were also creating platforms to house artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and data analytics applications for deeper understanding. I asked the organizer if they had any openings and I was hired soon after! I am so excited to be part of such a great team evangelizing, writing, and supporting other organizations to accelerate adoption of this new and ever-growing technology.  

Come along for the ride

Join me in my journey as I explore new and fun technologies in data management, protection, AI and ML. I will also continue to talk about solid state and other storage technologies in support of this new world of data intelligence.


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